Rare Generosity: Letter from the Director

“…You are the God who sees me…”
– Haggar, the pregnant runaway (Genesis 16:2)

For a few, summer vacations have begun, but at Lighthouse Mission Ministries, the steady flow of men, women and children continues through our doors.

Tonight as many as 230 people will be cared for and your meaningful partnership is making that happen.

Thank you for taking up this fight to end spiritual, social, physical, and economic poverty right here in Whatcom County!

One question I often get is, “How can I help panhandlers?”  My answer is always, “Slow down.  Get to know them… and don’t give them any money.”

People don’t become homeless because they’ve run out of money; they become homeless because they’ve run out of relationships.

When you “fly that [cardboard] sign,” you enter the ranks of America’s most invisible, and most lonely, people.

The next time you see someone holding cardboard at a freeway off-ramp, imagine your own self-worth and dignity slowly eroding with the passing of each car, as the people inside avoid making eye contact with you.

Truly, the purest (and rarest) form of generosity you can offer is your attention.  So stop when it’s safe to do so.  Say hello and learn their name and story.  That relational beginning can kick start them onto the long road to redemption.  Use our referral cards to let them know they are welcome at the Mission that you support.

Remind those who reside in these dark corners of our society that they have a name and they have value because God loves them.  On behalf of all the precious men, women and children who have escaped the streets tonight, thank you.

Your brother in Christ,

Hans Erchinger-Davis
Executive Director
Lighthouse Mission Ministries