Cold Weather Crisis

This early November snow is bringing a crisis to people who are homeless.  Winter weather is life-threatening for people living in tents, cars, and on the street.

Bridget Reeves, Program Director, says, “The cold weather brings in people who would not normally come to the Drop-In Center and those people are more vulnerable and have higher needs.  This may be the first and only opportunity we have to get them connected with other services and share the Gospel with them, so our staff do their best to make the most of those conversations.”

Reeves explains further, “Knowing that this shelter is available and that there is a warm and safe place to stay is monumental for our guests. It means they can leave the extremely difficult situations they’re in because they have another option. It means they don’t have to return to an abuser, a campsite, or go back to the dealer they had been staying with.”

If you encounter someone who is homeless, please direct them to Lighthouse Mission’s Drop-In Center located at 1013 W Holly St. in Bellingham.  Breakfast is at 7:15AM, Lunch is served at 12PM, Dinner is served at 4:30PM, and check-in in for the night is at 8:15PM.

We greatly need of the following items:

Donations are accepted thoughout the day and evening. Please drop off all donations at the main Mission building at 910 W. Holly Street, Bellingham.  Call 733-5120 if you have any questions.