Give Peace this Christmas

How can you find peace when you’re scared, not sure what you’ll eat next or even where you’re going to sleep?

The ‘what ifs’ keep running through your mind:

“What if someone steals my medication?”
“What if the voices in my head tell me to do something I don’t want to do?”
“What if I die out here alone?”

You finally decide to go to the Lighthouse Mission on Christmas Eve. And, surprisingly, dinner’s ready, there’s a bed for you, and the staff are welcoming. You start to think that things could be okay.

Right now, you can do something to help someone who will come to the Mission! And if I may venture to say this – it won’t even cost that much.

For only $20, you can give one person dinner and a safe place to sleep – out of the rain, out of the snow, out of harm’s way.

Jesus can use the physical blessings you provide to bring safety and a sense of peace.

“That first night was the first night I’d felt 100% safe in 10 years,” one woman shared.

That first night will bring peace to a weary soul: the first step towards transformation.

Please give as much as you can today – you’ll bring peace on earth for a person experiencing homelessness. You can help change someone’s life!

With gratitude,

Hans Erchinger-Davis
Executive Director
Lighthouse Mission Ministries