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A man dressed warmly in a scarf and hat

No One Should Go Hungry on Thanksgiving

Imagine you’re walking along Holly Street in downtown Bellingham.  Shivering doesn’t even help to warm you anymore, you’ve been outside so long.  You haven’t eaten in two days.  Your feet…

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A Redemptive Story

There was recently a beautiful, tender, and powerfully redemptive experience that I had the honor of witnessing. This momentous occasion was an example of God making a way where there…

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Drive for Joy!

Donate these items and they’ll be assembled into Christmas gift bags for men and women! Hats Gloves Deodorant Razors Hand warmers Lip Balm Puzzle Books Toothbrushes/Toothpaste Candy Canes Hot Chocolate…

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Greyson Chance Benefit Concert

The Whatcom County North Rotary Club is putting on a benefit concert to help people who are experiencing homelessness. They realize that for most people and families, homelessness is a…

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Thanksgiving Meal just $2.17

Imagine that you’re walking down the street. Your hands are numb from the cold, you haven’t eaten a meal in two days, and your feet seem to get heavier with…

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Bellingham’s Got Talent

Does Bellingham have talent? Bring it on! In it’s second year, Bellingham’s Got Talent is a family-friendly benefit talent show. Last year, the show featured 17 acts ranging from creative…

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A Reciprocal Blessing

My volunteer journey began when I found myself out of work and feeling sorry for myself. I saw this quote that said, “When you are feeling small, do something for…

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God Can Change Anybody

Jesus removed the pain Robert had deep inside. He now lives in clean and sober housing and works at the Mission! None of these changes would have been possible without…

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You Gave Shawn Hope & Healing

For most of her life, Shawn felt like she was falling through the cracks. Through your help, the light of Jesus shone down through those cracks and saved her! Abuse…

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OUR MISSION : Healing homelessness with Christ's power and love