January 25, 2021

Base Camp FAQs

Quite a few questions have been coming up about Base Camp recently. This post is an attempt to answer some of those questions.

If you have other specific questions, please reach out to us at contact@thelighthousemission.org or leave a comment.

How is Base Camp connected with Lighthouse Mission Ministries?

As the second tier of Lighthouse Mission’s four intervention strategies, Base Camp is a low-barrier 24-hour enhanced homeless services project designed to motivate and support people into next stages of life-recovery. (See below for a detailed list of services provided to neighbors struggling with homelessness.) It’s a temporary home where you’re welcome and wanted, and where we become friends.

Who is welcome at Base Camp?

Anyone who abides by our Code of Conduct is welcome.

What kinds of religious requirements are there at Base Camp?

There are no religious requirements to receive services at Base Camp. Lighthouse Mission Ministries is a Christian ministry. We love because Jesus loves, and it’s His big heart for the poor that drives us.

Are pets allowed at Base Camp?

Poultry and poisonous animals are not allowed. All other pets are welcome! We’ve had ferrets, cats, dogs, an iguana, and a parrot stay in the past.

If someone is restricted from Base Camp, can they ever come back?

In most cases, yes! Either come to Base Camp to set up an appointment with staff or call (360) 733-5120 ext. 215. We’d love to talk with you and make a plan for you to re-enter our services.

What is Base Camp’s nightly capacity?

Base Camp: 190 people

Overflow Shelter: 39 men (when activated, located at Former Drop-In Center)

Total capacity: 229 people

Lighthouse Mission Ministries can shelter up to 350 people total if all our programs are at capacity, including the Overflow Shelter.

What services are available at Base Camp?

(An additional 50 to 150 guests come in for day-services only.)

– Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

– Showers

– Restrooms

– Laundry services

– Lockable storage for all

– Bike repair stations, outdoor recreation (ping pong, bean bag toss)

– Enclosed, secure courtyard

– Respite area

– Working dorm

– Two rooms for single parent families

– Wireless internet for all

– Mail services

– Case management assisting people in next steps (recovery, housing, etc.)

– Spiritual support from staff, local pastors, and chaplains

– Quarterly memorials for those in the Mission community who pass away (on hold due to Covid 19)

– Special events (Superbowl, Christmas, etc.)

– Human Services interns, chaplain interns, volunteers (limited during Covid 19)

– Cafe Renovare (on hold due to Covid 19)

– Referrals to veterinary services for service animals and pets

– Neighborhood litter pick up

– Onsite Covid 19 antigen testing

These are the bulk of the services offered at Base Camp as of January 2021. They can change based on need.


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