Agape Childcare Center
February 18, 2015

Childcare Center for Agape Home

Help us build a Childcare Center for the mothers and children at the Agape Home!

Current Programming and Need:

Since the summer of 2013 it was apparent that the needs of families staying at the Agape Home were changing. Not only do we now have, on average four pregnant women residing at the shelter, but over 50% of the women accessing our services are involved in some way with the Division of Children and Family Services. It is clear that staying at the Agape Home does not merely mark a transition time for women, but for whole families and children specifically. With 15 children on average staying at the Agape Home each night, most with single mothers, the need for whole family support has become undeniably clear to staff.

Meeting the Need:

Funds are needed and will be used to further support, strengthen, and reunify families at Agape through the renovation of an existing Mission space to be used for childcare and Agape programming purposes. One of the uses of this space would be for childcare for Agape residents which would allow moms the opportunity to attend classes at Agape and appointments that otherwise would be impossible given the lack of support network. This space is also slated to be used for family meetings with professionals, for Mothers of Preschoolers groups, for tutoring, for our once a month children birthday parties and for child visitation while a family is working with the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS). With over 50% of the women at Agape involved with DCFS, it is essential that these women have a safe place that they can rebuild trust and connect with their children during times of transition.

With your help we can raise the money we need to build a new Childcare Center!   Please help us build a place for Agape Home moms to take their children.



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