November 01, 2019

Drop-In Center Restroom & Shelter Expansion


Lighthouse Mission’s Drop-In Center opened 24/7 in October of 2016.  Since that time, 1.7 additional people have been seeking help each month.  Last winter, more people were served than ever before.  With this steadily increasing rise, two gaping needs have emerged.

As the current Drop-In Center building is a temporary solution to the rise in homelessness in our community, we have made do with what we have.  But knowing that it will be a number of years before a new shelter can be built, there needs to be an increase shelter beds and give people who call the Drop-In Center home the dignity of nice restrooms to use.  But we can’t do this without your help!

The Need

This fall season has already brought us close to capacity at the Drop-In Center, with numbers getting up to the high 140’s (our capacity is 150 people at the Drop-In Center).  Adding six additional beds would be a huge benefit to those who are seeking shelter.  To do this, we need funds to upgrade our security system to ensure that all those staying with us are safe.  An updated system would allow us to open up an additional room for people to sleep in at the 910 W. Holly location.  As temperatures continue to drop and the need continues to rise, every bed we can get means more people are safe, warm, and welcomed into our services.

Bathroom Expansion Plan PictureCurrently the Drop-In Center has two small, well-used single bathrooms and three outdoor portable toilets for the 150 to 200 people who use the building daily.  The restrooms are in poor condition from over two years of heavy use and Mission staff often need to respond to plumbing-related issues.  We have made the most of these restrooms, but they are in desperate need of replacement.

The Solution!

Your support of this project will allow us to increase the number of people we can shelter at the Drop-In Center by adding six beds, as well as increase restroom accessibility, eliminate the reliance on portable toilets, and ensure these restrooms will serve many people for years to come.

These are our most vulnerable guests and we want to do whatever we can to give them dignity and a warm place to stay.

With your help, this project will add an accessible, unisex bathroom, a women’s restroom with three stalls, and a men’s room with two stalls and two urinals. Each restroom will be outfitted with durable, commercial-grade fixtures, sinks, toilets, hand dryers, etc. The walls and floors will be tiled with a drain in the floor.  Most importantly, these new restrooms will be welcoming and provide dignity and comfort for all who come into the Drop-In Center.

It will also increase our shelter capacity to 156 people, which means more people have safe shelter and are welcomed into the Mission family and given hope.

Please give generously to help those who have nowhere else to go! Give now.



Your support is vital!

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