Agape Home
March 10, 2016

Fun art project at Agape!

Brittany, our Intern at Agape Home this quarter, just did a community art project with the women at Agape. She describes how it came about and how it was created:

I decided to do the art project for a couple of reasons. First off, when I was talking with the women at Agape… art seemed to be a common interest. Also, one of my Human Services classes was talking about the power of art in community, and I really felt that bringing Agape together to do one collective art project would be incredibly beneficial.

When actually doing the art project, everybody stood around the canvas and added to it one at a time. I gave them complete control to paint whatever they wanted. I started it off by painting a sun, and then just let them do whatever they felt would be great to paint. I reminded them multiple times that this was a community project, and that we should try to make it cohesive.

I loved how it turned out! My favorite part was when guests painted words that they felt described Agape, such as “family” and “community.” It was a really fun time, where all of the women and children at Agape had the ability to come together and make something truly beautiful.

“I think it brought us all together and created a better sense of community.”

Here’s how it turned out:

Agape Comm Art


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