Agape Childcare Center
September 15, 2015

The Childcare Center is Open!

Thank you for your part in making the opening of the Agape Childcare Center possible! Over $100,000 was raised and the physical space built over the course of a few months. The walls went up, then paint, trim, and carpet. And finally fun things like furniture, built-in cubbies, and lots of books and toys were added. The Childcare Center opened on August 31st. One little girl absolutely loved her time at the Childcare Center. When she left, she was telling her mom, “Had fun! Had fun! Had fun!” Thank you for making her fun possible!

All this fun is happening in a safe space, where we have a staff member and a volunteer present whenever children are being cared for. The children have been thriving in the quiet environment with individual care and attention, but it’s not quiet for long because when kids have fun they let everyone know it!

With two adults present at the Childcare Center, we have a maximum 5 children at a time. On the other hand, at Agape Home, there can be 15 children and their mothers around at one time – a big difference. Because the Childcare Center is now open, single mothers have the chance for a bit of respite and have the chance to attend classes and go to appointments on their own.

So far, a couple volunteers are helping out in the center. It’s been so great to see how much the kids enjoy interacting with the volunteers and ask for them the next time they come. Already, in these first few weeks, relationships are being built. Since these kids are in a time of transition, having positive and reliable people in their lives to influence and encourage them will be huge. If you are interested in volunteering your time, we’re looking for a few more members to join our volunteer team. Check out the volunteer page to find out how to get started!

The Lighthouse Mission Agape Childcare Center

Some of the toys and supplies in the Childcare Center. The “Thank You” banner was made by Agape guests!


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