October 15, 2013

Waiting for an elevator

We’ve had many people curious about the progress on the Mission’s new elevator, and rightly so!  Many have given to the project and praying for it, and we are grateful for both! 

Through your gifts we have enough money to finance the project, but we currently are waiting on a few things before construction can begin.

In conjunction with our contractor, a number of generous, gifted professionals and subcontractors are assisting with this project, gratis or at a reduced rate, which slowed finalization of the plans over the recent summer.  It’s been difficult to wait, but God has used this waiting process to teach us patience and perseverance.

Guests with physical disabilities and illness are walking through our doors each day, knowing that we could be better serving them with an elevator.  We continue to trust the Lord and wait, taking this time to give thanks to the people who made this possible, pray for the project to go as smoothly as possible, and rejoice in knowing that soon we will be able to serve our guests better.  We look forward to making an imminent announcement regarding a groundbreaking.



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