Bob’s Story

Bob stayed at the Mission for two years and has been clean and sober for over five. He’s in his early fifties and, even though he had extensive experience, Bob wasn’t able to find a job in the carpentry industry due to gaps in his work history.

His case manager had him go to Goodwill to get signed up for their work readiness classes, but instead Bob ended up with a part-time position on the spot! Bob participated in the Mission’s work therapy program, enjoyed praying with staff, and even though he’s a quiet and gentle man, he was especially great at welcoming new people and helping them get settled in.

Because of your support, Bob was able to save up enough money to get his own apartment. He also left with a small emergency fund. Bob stops by about twice a month now to check in and let the staff know how he’s doing.

Thank you for giving Bob this chance!


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