Gifts in Memory and Honor: December

Gifts given between December 1 and December 31

Thank you for honoring your loved ones with these special gifts to help neighbors in need. We are honored to help men and women in their name.

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in loving memory of the following precious people:

Al Major
Alan Aho
Alma Tiesinga
Brian Batdorf
Carol Tjoelker
Clara Zoet
Daryl Ehlers
David Miller
Deborah Savoya
Dolores Burlin
Donneta Mucke
Dr. Eric Moldver
Gordon and Carole Debruine
Grace Forgrave
Harvey Timmer
Henry Vander Meulen
Isabel Guevara
Jacqueline Rae Burgus-Christenson
Jerry Kuska
Jim Kramer
JoAnn Engels
Joe Willis
Jonas Linvog
Kathleen Yoder
Ken and Nora Anderson
Kevin Geiger
Luke Button
Paul Van Dyke
Phil Kindred
Robert Englund
Robert Sturtz
Roger Barnhart
Steve Hanson
Tyler Monteith
Wallace and Sara Ann Drain
Warner & Thelma Barnes

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in honor of the following precious people:

Audrey Weber
Bridget and Justin Reeves
Bruce Carr
Charles W. Hietman
Connie Fuetz
Dean Mellick
Deni Christensen
Diana Galgano
Dorie Belisle
Doug and Holly Salkeld
Douglas Coppin
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Craswell
Enid Walker
Eric and Emily Fraizer, and family
Gary and Jill Blair
Gary Haveman
Helen Pilkey
Ingebor Sacksen
Ingeborg Sacksen
Jackie Burgus
Jacqueline Christenson
Jeff Callender
Jennifer Noyes
Jesus Christ
Jim and Carol Browder
Joan LaMarsh
John and Christine Turnbaugh
Karen and John Morgan
Kate, Art and the Williams family
Katherine Kipp
Linda Owens
Lucy Henson
Lynda and Ray Colliver
Martha Smith
Mary Ann & Bob Filipini
Michael Kildall
Mike Resop
Miller Family Holiday Giving
Molly Tinkerhess
Peter Moran
Rev. Dudley & Beth Nolting
Ronald Meade
Sally Gibbs
Sarah Staudeuraus
Steven Griggs
Susie Jones
The Still Suffering Alcoholic and the Still Suffering Addict
Todd Geri
Tonya Yoder

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