Gifts in Memory and Honor

Between November 20, 2019 and January 31, 2020

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in memory of the following precious people:

Al Aho

Anna Zarchinski

Barney Dyck

Clarence Zylstra

Conrad TeVelde

David Reinholt

Donald K. Gutknecht

Dr. Eric Moldver

Floyd Sandell

James Buske

Ken and Nora Anderson

Kirk Cassett

Linda Sundstrom

Lynn Reamer

M.M. Giger

Margie Reinholt

Marvin Olsen

My dad


Ralph Lautenbach

Rev. Leonard Ericksen

Robert F. Styer

Ron Oldham

Scotty Eardman

Stacy Keith

Steve Hanson

Thomas Norden

Val Morrison

Robert Styer


Gifts in honor of:

Ada Voskuilen

Alice M. Kley

Bryce Carr

Dan Desmul

Mrs. D.E. Nolting

Eric & Emily Frazier

Eric and Jeanne Weissenborn

Gary & Carol Haveman

Gloria Calderhead

Homeless Veterans

James Kirk Douglass

Jen Noyes

Kevin & Laura Carr

Lance Robins

Lauren Quinlan

Lorrie Yoos

Maureen Carr

My daughter who is 7 years clean!

Nathan and Erin Weissenborn

Patricia Woll

Richard Galen

Sally Gibbs

Susie Torres

The McClendon Family

Tom Mallahan

Wayne & Kathy Brugge


Thank you for giving in memory or honor of a loved one. Your gift is caring for men, women, and children who are struggling.



Photo by Hakan Erenler from Pexels
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