God Can Change Anybody

Jesus removed the pain Robert had deep inside. He now lives in clean and sober housing and works at the Mission! None of these changes would have been possible without your amazing support.

Robert has seen that your donations have gotten people off the streets. “But it’s not just about that. It’s about fixing. The money goes to having people lead you through fixing your problems.”

He explains that the reason he used drugs and alcohol for so long was because he didn’t want to feel the pain and suffering deep inside his heart and soul: “That’s where the mess was… So the biggest thing you gave me was bringing out the pain. I don’t have to carry around that pain anymore.

Robert’s parents taught him a good work ethic, but unfortunately also about drugs, alcohol, and crime.

He was married and had kids. But due to his choices and addiction, he was sentenced to time in prison. Soon after he was released, his brother was shot and killed in a gang fight. “Right then I knew something had to change,” Robert declared.

He had nowhere left to go, and eventually he came to the Mission. Robert joined what was then our New Life Program, seeking deeper healing. And he was able to forgive those who had hurt him in the past.

Robert started writing poetry as a way to process things. His aim now is to give people hope that God can change them, too. Robert shared, “If He can change me, He can change anybody.”

“A man named Jesus
healed all my broken pieces.”
– Excerpt from one of Robert’s poems
Robert sitting with a staff member

You gave Robert the opportunity to process the pain he experienced and heal from his past. Now he’s sharing how God changed him! He is grateful to you.


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