God Can Change Anybody

Find out how your donations are helping people like Robert restore their lives.

Robert is no stranger to hard stories. He grew up in an environment filled with drugs, alcohol, and crime. As an adult, he was in and out of prison and moved all over the country trying to escape the consequences of his decisions.

After 30 years, he got tired of running. He met his wife and got married. Then his brother died.

“My brother got shot to death in a gang thing,” Robert said. “Then I knew something had to change.

Robert found out about the Mission from a relative and found shelter in the Drop-In Center. Then he took the next step and moved into the Ascent Program and started taking their classes.

Robert meeting with Aaron, the Mission’s Chaplain

“It’s tough,” Robert said about going through the program. “This is where you actually tear everything out inside, bring it all out, and get rid of it. And in doing that, you bring up all the past.”

Your donations to the Mission do even more than get people off the streets. They enable Mission staff to help people like him work through their deepest problems.

“That’s where the mess was,” he shared. “It wasn’t about the drugs. The drugs I stayed clean off of for a long time by just white knuckling it. It was the pain and suffering inside that kept me going back.”

Robert said the biggest thing donors have given him is the chance to work through his pain. Despite difficult family dynamics and a separation from his wife, Robert shared that it’s helped him to process what he’s been through.

I don’t have to carry around that pain anymore.


He’s been clean from drugs for more than 14 months and is about to graduate from the Mission’s recovery and discipleship program.

Now Robert wants to spread the Good News and share his testimony with others.

“If God can change me, He can change anybody,” Robert said. “A few guys have said they want to join this program after hearing my story.” He recently started sharing his experiences through poetry.

To people who give to the Mission, Robert wanted to say:

“Your donations have helped a lot of people here! I’ve seen people come off the streets and be saved. I’ve seen 15 or so people in the last six months actually move to apartments and make it, thanks to your donations.”

“The money that’s provided for this place shows so much love,” Robert said. “Thank you for helping out. It’s helped people like me.”

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