Help Fill the Pantry!

At Lighthouse Mission, we’re in the middle of big plans. We want to make this Thanksgiving season extra special for hundreds of hurting people here in our community.

We’re counting on you and other generous friends to help fill the pantry to ensure guests who come to the Mission have warm, filling plates of food to strengthen and nourish them this Thanksgiving season.
Every plate of food we prepare and serve costs just $2.17. That’s a small amount to make such a life-changing difference in the life of a man or woman who is lonely and hurting.

The men and women who turn to Lighthouse Mission know all too well what it’s like to be hungry and alone when everything in life has been stripped away. Some have lost their jobs, and others have fallen on hard times. Homelessness and hunger can come quickly with little forewarning.

The hot meals and care you provide today will bring such relief to guests of the Mission like Larry who said, “Going hungry hurts. It’s hard out there. Without you [Lighthouse Mission], I might be dead.”

The warmth and security experienced at the Mission gives peace to those living
on the streets… according to Hank…

“The best thing about this place, besides the warm meal, is that I’ll never be cold and I will always feel safe.”

For Brenda, the friendship is as important as the meal…

The holidays are a very hard time for me. Having a place to go and a meal to eat means so much. It makes me feel included and gives me a reason to celebrate.

There are hundreds of people in our community just like Larry, Hank, and Brenda who will come to us this Thanksgiving season for a meal and support. They didn’t set out to be homeless and they are in need of a caring community to help them through life’s difficulties.

Your help today will turn despair into hope this Thanksgiving season. Giving men, women, and children warm meals, restful sleep, a place of refuge when there is nowhere to turn, and reason to celebrate!

OUR MISSION : Healing homelessness with Christ's power and love