July 24, 2019

Homelessness doesn’t take the summer off

You know, just as I do … hunger and homelessness don’t take the summer off.

And I have tough news for you: the Mission’s budget wasn’t met this year because of rising costs and needs. The number of people staying the night increased by 20% in one program!

But strangely enough, I’m not panicking.

Instead, I’m doing what we can always do: Let you and other partners know about the circumstances, and then leave it in God’s hands. I know He’s in control and uses supporters like you to meet the needs of our precious neighbors.

Give today. You’ll ensure neighbors who’ve lost so much find hope and receive the help they desperately need.

Just $17 will help one person.

So many people in need rely on the Mission – on you – to help them with food, life-controlling addictions, shelter, relationships, and spiritual support.

Right now, there’s a man out there who needs your help. He’s younger, but has major health concerns and lives on the streets. He’d been trying to get by and do life on his own, but is really struggling now. The loneliness is starting to sting and feels there’s no one he can trust. Getting enough food and water seems impossible some days. He wishes things could be different.

Your gift of $17 today will send a friendly team to offer him essentials like food, water, prayer, and personal hygiene items. He’ll also be invited to the Mission for a safe night’s rest. Most importantly, your gift will show him that God cares.

Your help is needed now to meet the need of our homeless neighbors this summer. Please give today!




Hans Erchinger-Davis
Executive Director
Lighthouse Mission Ministries


P.S. Your support is urgently needed! Help today. $17 will offer essentials to someone in need.


Your support is vital!

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