I Had Tried Everything

People like you are making Dave’s recovery journey possible and he thanks you for that.

Dave grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family. He ended up falling into alcoholism as well.

“I came to Bellingham from my hometown in Skagit to get away and in doing so I went to the Drop-In Center.” He was working at the time. However, every time Dave went back “home” he’d get overwhelmed by the chaos there. “A weird thing happened: This turned out to be a safe place for me.”

After talking with different staff members, Dave decided to move into our Ascent Recovery Program. Then, he heard about our year-long New Life Program, but, he thought “I could probably get everything together in a month and be on my way.”

Dave relied on himself to get right with God, but fell back into his old patterns. He found himself getting upset and decided to leave the Mission and live in his camper van, which led to being swayed into bad decisions and unhealthy relationships.

One morning, he woke up in his van and thought, “What in the world am I doing? I’m living in a van, making bad choices and condoning other people’s bad choices.” Dave realized he needed support to change and asked if he could come back to the Mission!

After considering it, Dave decided to enter the New Life Program after all. He shares, “I didn’t have the answers. I knew I had to do something or I was just gonna spiral down more. I had tried everything and it wasn’t working.

Dave with Aaron (front), the New Life Program Chaplain

In the program, Dave is learning how to build healthy relationships with boundaries. And he has the opportunity to reflect on how he was raised.

For 28 years, Dave worked as a painter. Now he gets to put those skills to use with the Mission’s operations team. He particularly enjoys working with volunteer groups!

As for the future? Dave says, “I try not to think too far ahead because I don’t want to miss what God has in store for me.”

He’s so thankful: “If these folks didn’t open their doors for me and reach out, I firmly believe I’d still be making those unhealthy choices. I’m very grateful.”

As for volunteers coming to the Mission, “I think it’s great that they come and help because there’s so much to do!”

In Dave’s words, “If it weren’t for people who contribute financially, Lighthouse Mission wouldn’t be here. There’s no other place around here that can do this. There are so many people homeless with mental illness and substance abuse – people who need to find God.”

Your support opened the doors for healing in Dave’s life! Thank you.

Watch a short video of Dave sharing his story!


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