Thanksgiving Meals + Hope – Just $2.05

Letters from the Director
Lighthouse Mission Ministries

It’s true… it costs just $2.05 to provide a hearty meal for someone who is hungry.  That’s a full Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and green beans.  And you can’t forget the pumpkin pie!

This Thanksgiving, hundreds of homeless and hungry people in our community will be turning to the Mission for food, shelter, and help to get back on their feet.  Some of them have spent years on the streets, while others find themselves homeless for the first time. Terrified mothers fleeing domestic violence with their children . . . elderly or disabled men and women who’ve been evicted . . . people of all ages, who are worn-out, exhausted, and won’t be able to afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner this year.

All of them are hungry for a hot meal – and for hope. Will you step in to help these men, women, and children?

While most come for the food, men and women can also access tools to improve their lives – clothing, shelter, support, case management, and classes.  Your support makes all of these available. And by God’s grace, you’ll help get people off the streets so that they can live productive lives again.

With the Mission’s Drop-In Center now open 24/7, the need is greater than ever.  Up to 80 additional people are now staying at the Mission.  We need your help to serve them this holiday season!

Please help today, every $2.05 you send feeds another person experiencing homelessness. You could feed an entire table of 8 people for $16.40.  And with each hurting person you help off the street, our community becomes a better, safer place for all.  God bless you for giving people who are really struggling a reason to be grateful.

Thank you,

Lighthouse Mission Ministries

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