My Second Chance

This family has been transformed because people like you give! Read Amanda’s story:

I came to Lighthouse Mission ten years ago. I was twenty years old and homeless, involved in prostitution, addiction, and dealing drugs. Mostly I slept outside and in doorways with my cat, Beanie (who was my rock) and kept all of my belongings in a shopping cart that I pushed around every day. I was in and out of the Drop-In Center through this time. All of my energy was concentrated on bare-minimum survival. I never imagined my life would end up like this.

I knew there must be something better than doing drugs all the time. Because of my addiction I became ill and depressed. I found myself crying and praying every night that my life would change for the better. I was at the point of giving up.

I became very sick and ended up going to the ER where I was diagnosed with COPD and an infection caused from smoking meth. After being released from the hospital I returned to my life on the streets, but I began to feel severe cramping in my stomach.

I went back to the ER and learned I was battling anemia, sepsis, MRSA, and renal failure. This time they did a pregnancy test and an ultrasound. I learned I was thirty-eight weeks pregnant and in labor! To say I was shocked is an understatement. I didn’t expect this surprise! My dear Lyra was born.

I was very sick and recovering from a C-section. My daughter was withdrawing from drugs. Lyra was sent to a foster home while I continued to recover. Beanie was cared for by the Humane Society. One night, while lying in bed, I thought, “I’M DONE!” and I prayed to God, “Please save me for this child!” I felt such a strong sense of peace after praying that I was able to fall asleep. Then God gave me the strength to begin the process of getting Lyra back.

Through all of this, Lyra’s foster family has been amazing! I am so grateful for the way they supported Lyra and me. They involved me in bringing up my daughter. In a way, Lyra has become ‘our daughter’; I consider us one big, happy family!

I was accepted into Agape Home while I worked on goals set for me by CPS. Agape Home offered the structure I needed in my life. Beanie and I reunited at Agape. I demonstrated my ability to be a fit mom and was granted overnight visitation with Lyra, and then full custody!

Amanda and her best friend, Beanie.

God put Lyra in my life to give me a second chance; to give me purpose and to allow me to experience motherhood. Without Lighthouse Mission and the support of Agape Home staff, I would never have had the stability to have my daughter Lyra in my life.


Support from people like you was instrumental for Amanda and Lyra.
Thank you for being part of their story!

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