Brianne’s Story

The Mom Madison Deserves

Brianne’s journey into motherhood.

Brianne came to Agape Home pregnant and on Methadone as a way to break her addiction to heroin.

After arriving at Agape Home, Brianne had a little girl and named her Madison. But Brianne couldn’t take her little girl home; the withdrawal symptoms Madison was experiencing caused her to stay in the hospital an additional three weeks.

After seeing the struggle Madison went through because of her drug use, Brianne worked very hard to taper off Methadone to become the mother Madison deserves.

After about four months, Brianne was completely off Methadone and drug free. Agape Home gave her a safe and supportive environment where she could focus on taking care of her new daughter while staying drug-free.

Brianne’s hard work paid off — today she continues to be free of drugs, is standing on her own two feet, and is a great mother.

Without the help of the community the Agape Home would not be able to help women like Brianne.  We need your help to continue providing these vital services to women and children who are struggling.  Donate today to give help and hope!

(Names changed to protect residents’ privacy.)


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