Goal Setting

Before men are able to move to the upstairs dorm from cold weather shelter they are asked to work on a plan consisting of long and short-term goals.  This allows them to spend some time thinking about their goals before entering into regular case management.  One man came into his first case management meeting saying this:

I really want to have a life that is meaningful, productive, and most of all full of relationships.  For too long I’ve explored this world aimlessly without friends and alone.  I am tired, alone, and without hope but realizing that my soul is out of sync with my mind and body.  I am taking a serious and fearless inventory of myself.

This individual also noted that he has a lot of room to grow and desires to use resources from Lighthouse Mission and other community organizations to conquer his substance abuse addiction and to build and repair relationships with friends and family.  This is what Lighthouse Mission is all about– helping people build new lives!


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