Hamids Story

Hamid’s Story

Before I came to the Mission, I was in tatters.  My biggest obstacle was being abandoned by my family.  I was in dire need of medical and financial assistance. I felt insecure, upset, depressed, and out of balance.
I was half dead.

I have had some personal victories during my stay at the Mission.  Managing my poor health got a whole lot easier.  My diet, fitness, and mood have also improved.  [After much effort,] now I’m on a mission to locate a one bedroom apartment!

LMM made me feel like I have a family that loves me for who I am (one example, the CEO said to me, “we are honored to have you here.”)  The Mission has provided unconditional protection from racism and discrimination towards my name and nationality.

I have so much gratitude towards the people who donate to the Mission.  Thank you for giving to the Lord.  I’m so glad you give, because it has changed my life.  I’m very grateful for every moment I’m here at LMM.

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