Jamie’s Story

A Mother’s Transformation

When Jamie was ready to change her life, Light House Mission’s Agape Home was ready to help.

Jamie is the mother of three daughters ranging in ages from seven to two years old. During their first few months living at Agape Home, screaming tantrums were a daily occurrence, and getting the girls to listen was like pulling teeth for Jamie. The frustration with her children steadily grew, and she often reverted to snapping out harsh replies and distancing herself from them. These interactions were putting a strain on the already fragile state of her family.

Her case manager at Agape Home continually encouraged her to attend parenting classes and gave her a list of classes in the area. Jamie must have been at her breaking point, because she finally started attending one. For a long time it didn’t seem as if the classes were helping her gain the skills she needed. The Agape staff continued to encourage her during this time, despite her obvious indifference to the class. Then one day, it was as if a light was turned on; she decided to it was time to change. Within the next week, there was a complete turnaround.

Jamie changed her entire way of interacting with her girls. Rather than speaking at them, she spoke with them and explained why she was asking them to behave. She is no longer the stressed single mother trying to control three young children; she’s now a mother who is calm and patient with her children. Her daughters have responded to this dramatic change, and they listen to instructions, have appropriate behavior, and no longer throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Jamie has moved on from Agape, and now her family has healthy interactions, which will help Jamie’s children as they grow up and end the cycle of homelessness in their family. This is what we hope and pray for: to see lives changed and improved for the better.

(Photos do not portray actual Lighthouse residents. Names changed to protect residents’ privacy.)


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