Jason’s Story

“One night, I was on a hardcore binge of alcohol, meth, and weed.  I was wasting my life on the streets looking for anything to numb the pain. I was lonely, depressed, and had a hard time asking for help. I found myself on the top of a building, knowing the only way down was to fall.  I did fall, hard and fast.

I was fortunate to only dislocate my foot.  I spent three days in the hospital recovering from drugs, alcohol, and my injury.   Once I was released from the hospital, I was back at square one, on the streets again.  Having my leg in a cast forced me to get the help I could not ask for, I went to Lighthouse Mission.  I spoke with staff there and they said they could help me without a question!!!  I spent two months in the respite room building my relationship with God and with people.  This and time in prayer really helped me put my life back together.

Through Lighthouse Mission I was able to be fed, clothed, and have a reliable place of safety and protection from everything.  I went back to school, received my G.E.D, mended broken relationships, and am now getting ready to go to college, clean and sober.  I thank the Lighthouse Mission with all my heart.”

*Name changed for privacy


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