New Life Program

New Life Program

What is the New Life Program?

The New Life Program is our yearlong discipleship and recovery program. During their year, men are immersed in community living, which includes service to their peers around the Mission, 10 classes each week, Christian counseling, and Biblically based reading and homework.All this is done within an intentional community with each man connected with a local church.

Usually seven or eight men are in the program at a time.  Men who enter our New Life Program typically come with deep wounds from their past which led to addictive behaviors and unhealthy relationships. Our program aims to help these men find healing from those wounds and reconcile with the people they care about, through the power of Jesus Christ.

Daikson is one of these men who is about to finish his year in the Program and graduate. This is how he describes his experience:

After my dad’s passing and my divorce, I had a really hard time trusting people. I was emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually dead when I came into the [New Life] Program. My brokenness towards God, family and others was a big mess. I’m very grateful, thankful, and blessed for this program. I’ve learned so much in one year spiritually and as a human being than I have learned for the last twenty years of my life. I have learned so much on my issues of anger, pride, procrastination, responsibility, trust, accountability; I can go on and on…

We have graduates!

We have four men graduating from the Program this October! They’ve worked hard this past year and are now ready to take the next step. For many of them, that means moving on to the Mission’s Transitional Housing. In Transitional, men have the opportunity to stay in a safe, accountable community while integrating their new life into the broader Bellingham community. This usually means getting back into the rhythms of going to school or job searching, and continuing with the other goals they have been working on. The end goal is that within a year they will be financially and emotionally ready to live on their own again with great support from outside the Mission.

John moved out of Transitional and this is what he shared at a recent New Life Program graduation:

I was at the bottom of the barrel, basically, and it was an opportunity to climb out… I needed help and they helped me. I’m so grateful! I went back to school. I couldn’t have done that if they wouldn’t have opened their doors and allowed me to come in. And it wasn’t easy. If it is easy, it’s not worth it… I’ve been in my own place for 10 months now, and it feels really good.


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