The First Time I Felt 100% Safe

The First Time I Felt 100% Safe

You’re more helpful than you realize! Your generosity is making all the difference for Elizabeth:

“After arriving at Agape Home, I realized that first night that it was the first time I had felt 100% safe in over 10 years.

If it weren’t for the people who donate to the Mission, I don’t know where I would be.

I am clothed, fed, and sleep safely at night because God is helping me through donors’ hands and feet.”

Elizabeth came from a pretty hopeless place, from a life filled with domestic violence. She no longer had custody of any of her five children, struggled with depression, and was just barely hanging on to her sobriety.

But now, because of the support she gets at Agape Home through classes and case management, she’s already experienced many positive changes:

“My life is getting better and I’m gaining hope for me and my children’s futures.  This transformation is so amazing – that I’ve healed from my concussion, I’m able to continue healing my emotions, and for the first time in my whole life, I’m learning who God wants me to be.  I have hope that when it’s God’s timing my young children can stay here with me.  I will be forever grateful to the staff here, the volunteers, the donors, and to my Abba God who brought me here.”

This transformation happened with your help – it wouldn’t have been possible without you!  Thank you for believing in Elizabeth and for believing in us, for joining in on our mission to restore people through Christ.


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