January 15, 2020

Thank You for Making the Christmas Meal Delightful!

What a day! At the Lighthouse Mission 2019 Christmas Meal, 362 people enjoyed a special Christmas dinner. Over 90 volunteers served, Garden Spot donated greens, a volunteer made centerpieces, Assumption Catholic Church hosted us, and donors from all over Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan County helped make this event possible.

Clean up had begun and tables were being cleared and the volunteer coordinator came up to a table where a lady sat with all her life possessions. She wished her a Merry Christmas. She said “This Christmas hasn’t been a very merry one for me… until now. Thank you guys so much!”

The holidays are often a time for connection, tasty family meals, and celebration, but they can also be a time of feeling disconnection and distance from family and loved ones. That’s why Lighthouse Mission’s Christmas Dinner is structured to feel like a family meal. Fantastic volunteers who care deeply serve food, bus tables, and assist in the kitchen. The meal is high quality and made with love and a lot of effort. And festive decorations bring that special feeling of joy and comfort. This meal is much more than just a meal.

Rides were offered from the Mission to Assumption Catholic Church where volunteers waited to welcome them. Instead of guests lining up to receive their food, they were seated right away at a table while a volunteer waited on them restaurant-style. Guests were able to fellowship together and rest while being waited on, which is typically a rare occasion for this population.





We heard wonderful feedback from the volunteers who served during the Christmas Meal:

  • “We had a great time… As we talked to some of the people, we shared who to look to and how Jesus can make a difference in their lives if only they give Him the opportunity. Thank you for allowing us to be a part.”
  • “We loved serving and would like to do this every year as a family. Thank you!”
  • “The teamwork getting everything ready and working as a family to feed and encourage the homeless and community was a special way to spend Christmas.”

We are grateful that this one meal could impact so many lives this Christmas! Thank you to each donor, volunteer, and partner who made it possible.


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