December 03, 2018

Homeless at Christmas

The coffee shop resounds with laughter while Christmas music plays softly in the background. People wearing sweaters are sipping hot drinks by a toasty fire. The cold air outside begins to carry snowflakes, but they aren’t worried.

You step away from the coffee shop window you’ve been looking through. Back in the frigid air, dusk falls, and you move on to find shelter for the night. The snowflakes quickly turn into a cold drizzle as you walk away, jingle bells fading behind you.

For many people experiencing homelessness, having the perspective of an outsider is normal. In fact, hundreds of people in Whatcom County won’t have a home for the holidays, not to mention money to spend at a warm coffee shop.

Will you help the Mission host a Christmas dinner for people who are homeless? People look forward to this festive dinner with ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and more! Your financial support will bring Christmas cheer to people all season long, and especially at this meal.

Winter is a time of extreme need for Bellingham’s homeless community. The Drop-In Center reached full capacity last year during a record-breaking Bellingham winter. Because of people like you, even when the Mission fills up, Street Connect will still be reaching out to people who don’t have shelter.

There’s no way to bring hope and healing to people’s lives without your help. Please give again today to reach out to people in homelessness during this special time of year.

You can help make the Christmas season merry and bright for someone who is struggling. You can do something wonderful today!



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