Truth & Trust

Truth & Trust

By Ron Buchinski, Executive Director

At the age of 61, I’ve gotten to know myself well. There are things I like about myself, and, frankly, things I don’t like. Like everyone else, I also have my idiosyncrasies. The local Costco is always an exercise in growth for me. It’s crowded, people park their carts in the middle of the aisles and hold family reunions there, and I usually find something that I want but don’t need and it isn’t cheap. And to make matters worse, I like Costco.

At the Lighthouse Mission I have some idiosyncrasies too. These, unfortunately, are embedded in me. I hate waste! I love cleanliness. I value honesty, professionalism, loyalty, humility, accountability, perseverance and hard work in our staff and those we serve. Judgmental saintly “snipers” won’t be having too much coffee with me. Authenticity in people is rare and refreshing. I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve, or like a ball and chain around my neck. Pat and I have lived for almost 40 years now by faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, while keeping our feet on the ground as we prayed to the heavens.

As a donor, you should value one thing more than anything else. I, too, am a donor to Lighthouse Mission and other charities so I know what I value. There is one factor that should resonate with us and I think it’s TRUST. We value your trust in our organization. We serve the Lord! The money goes where we say it’s going; the services we promote are being delivered hourly and daily; and we do this knowing there is someone greater than ourselves who will hold us to account one day for, not only, what is done, but how it was done and the spirit in which it was done.

Lighthouse Mission is professionally audited or reviewed annually by a local firm that answers directly to our local Board of Directors. Not many ministries submit themselves to that cost, process, or transparency.  I know of one organization that prides itself on its percentage of income going to ministry, but it includes millions of dollars in non-cash gifts in the formula allowing large administrative salaries and costs while having a heavily promoted 4-Star Charity Rating. It’s legal, but it won’t happen at Lighthouse Mission.

Thanks for believing in us and supporting us in so many ways.  We are very grateful!


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