A staff member and a guest of Lighthouse Mission (both male) stand near each other and are laughing.

What Motivates You?

It takes a special calling and a heart for people and Jesus to do this work! We asked staff members here at Lighthouse Mission Ministries, “What motivates you (or gets you excited) about working here?” Here are their responses:

“I am passionate about working with the poor! Jesus is my inspiration every day. I want to be a vessel of God’s love every day I come to work.” – Ben, Downtown Bellingham Liaison

“The work here is beautifully messy!  I love that we have the opportunity to lean in and sit with and do incarnational ministry with folks in moments of deep crisis and need.  We get the unique opportunity to “do life” with people, experiencing both joys and sorrows of community living, relationships, the healing journey and our mutual walk towards recovery.  There is nothing quite like it.” – Bridget, Associate Executive Director

“Being used of God to bring change to people’s lives. Working with such a gifted and strong team of staff. They inspire me! Seeing the faces of the people we serve and knowing that they feel loved and accepted.” – Bill, Crisis Services Manager

“Working at Base Camp I have the privilege to see Christ work miracles on a daily basis. Watching guests overcome addiction, mental health, and medical conditions as been a blessing, an inspiration, and great motivation. Seeing guests be so strong in times that are so tough is a constant reminder there is light in even that darkest places which motivates me to keep going.”  – Adrian, Crisis Services Associate

“What motivates me about working here is…

1) Knowing that Jesus Christ is meeting our guests through the relationships we form with each other
2) Knowing that Jesus Christ is meeting our staff through the relationships our guests form with us
3) Witnessing the holistic process of transformation that takes place when our guests enter into living a recovery life
4) Seeing how Christ has brought deeper understanding and healing to wounds in my own life through daily exposure to the power of the gospel at work in this place
5) Having the opportunity to focus our energy on ensuring that we are seeking what is in the best eternal interest of guests
6) The accountability that permeates the atmosphere of serving in a Christian organization that values speaking the truth in love.
7) Our staff, their unique character and giftings and with it, their testimony of how the Lord has been faithful to them and how serving at the Mission is the next step in their spiritual development and service.”
– Aaron, Chaplain

“I look forward to seeing my coworkers and hearing about their lives. I love seeing how our guests grow and mature from who they were when they first came here. To see how much God impacts those who are willing to seek him.”– Ben, Case Manager

“I am excited to come to work every day to join in on the amazing things God is doing at the Lighthouse Mission. It’s great to see people focus so intently on serving others who are often forgotten. I consider it a privilege to have coworkers who bravely take on challenges, meet people in their hurt, and love those around them!”
– Ashley, Human Resources Coordinator


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