Who Am I?

One donor’s story of wanting to make a difference:

“I grew up here in the county. On the 4th of July after I graduated high school, I was parked by the museum waiting to watch the fireworks. It was raining (because it was the 4th of July in Bellingham) and a man walked by who was experiencing homelessness. It was a really normal event, but for me in that moment it was profound. I saw our lives juxtaposed.

And I thought, Who am I? I’m just some kid. But here I am with a car, a girlfriend, and I’m heading to college in a couple months. And here’s a man two or three times my age and he doesn’t even have a home.

And I didn’t know what to do with that. Honestly, I still don’t have it figured out. But the sense of injustice I felt in that moment stuck with me. In concert with my faith, it’s motivated me to leverage what I have to help others. It informed my decision to study renewable energy to bring power to people who don’t have it in other parts of the world.

I think of that man every time I see someone experiencing homelessness in our community. And I still think, Who am I? Who am I to have anything more than anyone else? But I do. And that compelled me to reach out to the folks at the Lighthouse Mission.

I got to tour their facilities and see some of the things they’re doing and it’s amazing! This is such a worthy organization doing such incredibly important work in our community.”

– Dana Brandt, Owner of Ecotech Solar


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