A Lifesaving Intervention

Thank you for helping Steve break the cycle of addiction and reignite his faith! 

“During my last relapse, I was in a friend’s apartment drinking,” said Steve. 

“No, I wasn’t drinking,” he clarified. “I was dying on his floor. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. My friend was standing over me, yelling at me because he’s seen a lot of friends die from drugs and alcohol. He called 911.”

From the hospital, Steve went straight to detox. “From detox, I came here to the Mission,” he said. “Without this place, I’d be dead.”

The beginnings of addiction 

“At one time, I was a family man,” said Steve. “I had a good welding job.”

But drugs and drinking took over and Steve’s life started to unravel. “I just couldn’t work and drink and do drugs all at the same time anymore,” he said. “Slowly but surely, I went from a family man to a full blown drunk living on the  streets.”

Over the years, Steve has attempted sobriety multiple times. “I’ve been in treatment eleven times,” he said. “But I was unable to live without the drugs, so I was asked to leave, and went back to the streets.”

Bouncing back from rock bottom 

“God allowed all that to happen,” said Steve. “That’s how much of a beating it took for me to finally give up. But I  wouldn’t trade it for anything because it brought me to where I am today.” 

After seven long years on the street, Steve entered the men’s Ascent program and started his recovery journey. “This  program is priceless,” he said.

Steve will be starting back to school in January. “I’ve always been suicidal saying, ‘Lord please let me go home.’ But now I want to stay! Saying let’s do this Lord! He needs me here . . . I would love to use my experience to help others who are struggling,” he says.

“Thank you to all those who donate money or time to this program,” said Steve. “It’s been so valuable to me and so many others.”


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