The Mission's Good Neighbor Project: Resources and support for local business owners

Lighthouse Mission Ministries (LMM) aims to be a valuable resource and supportive ally to local businesses during the three to four year temporary placement of LMM’s Base Camp, formerly called the Drop-In Center. We have developed a Good Neighbors Guide to enhance the neighborhood feel, build a community-partnered response to homelessness, and mitigate potential challenges arising from relocating Base Camp two blocks from Bellingham High School to the Public Market at 1530 Cornwall Avenue.

Good Neighbor Vision – Through Base Camp, LMM will provide an early-stage Enhanced Shelter experience that serves our friends and neighbors experiencing homelessness with consistent friendship, 24-hour motivational environments, and next step opportunities. The purpose of this is three-fold:

  1. Communal hospitality in safe grace-based environments builds the trust and stability needed to engage next-stage life-recovery programs.
  2. Its proximity to the urban center with secure outdoor areas has the added advantage of drawing chronically homeless individuals out of the downtown core and into homeless services.
  3. Downtown business engagement toolboxes are expanded to confidently and compassionately solve problems and prevent conflict with troubling individuals.

Please view our evolving Good Neighbor Guide here to learn how we are aimed at serving our neighbors in the downtown Bellingham core. We will continue to update the guide as the project develops.

OUR MISSION : Healing homelessness with Christ's power and love
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