Peter’s Story: Overcoming Addiction and Finding Purpose Along the Way

God worked through you to heal Peter!

Have you ever questioned your value? Your purpose?

So many of us have those doubts, and Peter was no exception. He grew up overseas in an orphanage until middle school, when he was adopted by a local family.

Peter was constantly wondering if he had worth. He didn’t see his potential for success. He felt overpowered by anger and other negative emotions. Over the years, he started turning to drugs and alcohol. 

“I was drunk, I was high out of my mind, I just looked terrible,” he said.

Drugs and alcohol led him to unsafe situations, and eventually, he found himself in jail.

“This program was brought to my attention two or three years prior, when I was locked up,” Peter said. “And I wasn’t ready.”

God worked through your generosity to touch Peter’s heart

Yet, God had not forsaken Peter. One day, he picked up a Bible his father gave to him.

“I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted,” he said. “It was time for a change.”

Peter had heard about the Lighthouse Mission, but wasn’t sure if it was the place for him.

“Now that I’m here, I know that was a lie,” said Peter. “The enemy didn’t want me here, but God did.”

Peter (on the far right) smiles with a fellow guest and a staff member outside Ascent.
The ice cream truck visited the Ascent Men’s Recovery Program earlier this summer for a block party!

Recovery and accountability — thanks to you!

Peter’s time at the Lighthouse Mission opened his eyes and gave him the tools he needed to overcome addiction and anger, helping him move forward with hope. 

Recently, he stepped into a new opportunity: the Pursuit Internship. This newly developed internship is under the umbrella of the Ascent Men’s Recovery Program, and it’s for those in the program who have a relationship with Jesus and want to grow through discipleship while building work experience. 

“It’s been a good program,” Peter said. “I encourage people who are battling addiction or anger to give it a try. This is a place of grace.”

Thank you for the hope you offer Peter and so many others through the Lighthouse Mission. Today, Peter is enjoying new life in Christ!


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