“I’m not alone – I see it every day”

In July of 2021, PJ Smith walked through the doors of Base Camp. She was struggling with financial stress after a car accident that left her partner in the hospital for about a month and a half and needed a place to stay to help her get back on her feet.

PJ returned to the Mission a couple of times throughout the next two years as she endured financial difficulties and medical issues.  

“I was thrilled after my first day here. It’s safe, it’s clean, it’s friendly, it feels like a home here. So a couple of years later, when another issue came up, I immediately thought of here,” PJ said…”Each time it’s the same – open-hearted, incredibly kind people.”

She’s grateful for the resources and support provided while staying at Base Camp and later the Agape shelter.

PJ explained that she feels God’s presence at the Mission and a loving and supportive community that encourages guests to be themselves.

“From the time you get here till the time you leave, there’s a kindness, an openness, almost a gentleness,” PJ said…“The support systems are available, and the connections between this place and the community are wonderful.”

PJ says the Mission provides fruitful resources for guests and the environment of the shelter and recovery programs is what helped her get back on her feet.

“The Lighthouse Mission changed my life with its support and safety, with its kindness and generosity, and with its resources that allowed me to start looking for jobs again. On all those levels, this agency can address those things successfully,” PJ said. 

After staying at the Mission, PJ moved into emergency housing, where she’s been for the past year. In the housing, she has found a peaceful environment and supportive community that has helped her further steps toward recovery.

The past few years of recovery have had many hardships, but PJ has stayed positive and knows she’s not alone in this journey.

“I’m not alone – I see it every day. People come back from a job search with a job. People move on. New people come in. This beautiful flow is incredible,” PJ said.


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