Lexi’s Story: “I was just trying to survive”

Lexi grew up in foster care, bouncing from home to home. But once she turned 18, she was kicked out and became homeless.

That’s when she hit rock bottom.

“I started using [drugs] when I became homeless because I was just trying to survive, and that was the only way I knew,” she said.

“Then I got pregnant,” she said. “And since I was still homeless, I lost [custody of] my child.”

Care and compassion for Lexi—thanks to YOU!

Thanks to you and others who give so generously to make our programs possible, Lexi found a safe haven at the Mission’s Agape Home recovery program. This program cares for women and women with children.

“I’ve come very far, living here at Agape,” she said. “I’ve learned my self-worth and got my confidence back. And I’m genuinely happy.”

Looking back, Lexi knows it’s God who brought her through it all.

“It wasn’t me,” she said. “I couldn’t have done that by myself—there’s no way. There is a God, and He is great.”

Lexi recently reached a huge milestone in her recovery journey: one year of sobriety!

“I’m so grateful for everything,” she said. To the supporters of Lighthouse Mission, she said, “Keep doing what you’re doing, because a lot of us are very appreciative.”

A bright future for Lexi and her daughter

Lexi was recently baptized and she is excited to see how God will continue working in her life.

Through your support, Lexi is moving into her own apartment, got gifted a car, has a steady job, and now has full custody of her child.

“The Lighthouse Mission is a good program,” she said. “It saved my life—and helped me get my baby back.”


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