Crystal Finds Safety and Dignity at the Mission

Life hasn’t been easy for Crystal. As a child, she was in and out of Child Protective Services. Addiction came next. Then prison. After that, raising three children on her own. “It’s such a struggle being a single mom,” said Crystal. “I had three years sober, but then I relapsed. That’s when my family kicked me and my kids out. And that’s how I ended up at Agape Home.” 

YOU gave Crystal a shelter in the storm. “Warmth,” says Crystal. That’s how she describes what she felt when she first arrived. “The staff fed us and gave me clothes for my kids,” she said. “They were always checking up on us, making sure we were okay. I felt safer than I had in a long time.” “The Mission has given me an understanding of what safe people, safe family, is supposed to look like,” said Crystal. “They’ve given me a glimpse of what the world could be if I give it a try.” 

The dignity and respect YOU offer has made all the difference During Crystal’s time at Agape, she grew in her understanding of who God is. “The grace of God and my support at Agape has been such a blessing.” “I was lost, but now I’m found!” “Before I came to the Lighthouse Mission, I was lost. But at the Mission, I have been found. I found myself, and I thank them for that.”

“My kids are my heart and soul—they’re my home,” says Crystal, a mother of three. “Since I’ve been at Agape, I have gained more patience than I’ve ever had!” 

Thank YOU for making Crystal’s story possible — along with so many others!



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