Mike’s Story

Because of your support, Mike is grateful to be living in recovery!

“I was one of those guys out there panhandling. I must be honest with you folks, it was not for food, your help funded my addiction to alcohol and drugs.”

In March, Mike entered our recovery program. He later said, “My life has changed.” Now he has over five months clean and sober.

Mike was even asked to serve in a position to help those just entering his program, which he saw as an honor.

He freely shared that Mission staff refused to give up on him (even though he says he gave them every reason to). Mike asserted,

“I owe my life to these people. They loved me until I could love myself.”

“Don’t be a part of the problem by giving money to panhandlers. Be part of the solution and donate to Lighthouse Mission. They specialize in helping the homeless.”

– Mike, guest of LMM


Thank you for helping Mike come so far.

Mike is a changed man and wouldn’t be where he is today without you.


More of Mike’s story is to come, so stay tuned!


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