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Sources of Sadness

The saddest thing to me is folks, especially women, young and old, not knowing how valuable they are to God; that He created them on purpose and thinking they are throw-aways.

Nikki, Agape Home Case Manager

What saddens me the most is the hopelessness that our guests experience. It’s the hopelessness that plagues the lives of people that do not know Jesus Christ. There is hope that only He alone can give to any human being. It is a very sad thing that even those who have known Jesus Christ have not given the living Word a chance to provide and give that same hope that is in Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Rafael, Crisis Services Associate

Being at Base Camp each day is a wonderful gift, but is simply a sad, sad thing when you look around no matter what. There are many people who are unable to care for themselves or don’t know how. But what truly saddens me the most is engaging with people who have no hope, no value for themselves, and truly want their life to end.

Tailer, Crisis Services Associate

It’s really sad when I hear of guests who have cancer or other serious illnesses.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have permanent housing and go through a disease or serious illness. You can go to the hospital, but there comes a point when you have to leave.  I’m thankful that the Mission is here for all people going through medical treatments and living with chronic issues.  It’s something you don’t think about, but having shelter and the support of others when you’re physically suffering means so much.

Rachel, Director of Annual Giving


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