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Toxic charity vs. Smart charity

As believers in Christ, it is one of our God-given responsibilities to care for the poor. Over 2,000 verses in the Bible illustrate this. But, how do we effectively serve…

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Safe haven in their darkest hour

Julia’s journey from Hawaii to Washington State was supposed to be a fresh start for her family. However, life had other plans for Julia as she encountered unexpected health problems….

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New Building Project

The next step in caring for neighbors who are homeless… A new building that will more than replace Base Camp, as well as provide enhanced, specialized care to families, the…

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Jason’s Story

“One night, I was on a hardcore binge of alcohol, meth, and weed.  I was wasting my life on the streets looking for anything to numb the pain. I was…

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Jamie’s Story

With support from Agape Home’s staff, parenting classes, and the will to change, Jaime turned a contentious relationship with her children into one filled with love and respect.

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Joe’s Story

At forty-six, after a lifetime of alcohol abuse and a history of ruined relationships, Joe decided that it was time to change his life. Thanks to the New Life Program, he is seeing a future full of possibilities.

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JM’s Story

Plagued with anxiety and panic attacks after his brother’s suicide, JM found his way to the Lighthouse Mission. The support and love he found here has permitted him to face his loss and move forward with his own life.

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Ashley’s Story

Growing medical expenses due to ill health cost Ashley her job and her home. But the Agape Home offered her and her two daughters a secure and stable environment in which to heal so that they could return to their normal lives.

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OUR MISSION : Healing homelessness with Christ's power and love