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Daikson's Story

Daikson’s Story

Daikson grew up in the Pacific Islands. Thinking about his people and growing up, he says: “We’re not accustomed to certain things that were introduced to us, for example cigarettes…

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Graham’s Story

I won’t use my own words to describe the life I used to live. Instead, Titus 3:3 sums it up nicely. It reads: “At one time we too were foolish,…

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Joe’s Story

At forty-six, after a lifetime of alcohol abuse and a history of ruined relationships, Joe decided that it was time to change his life. Thanks to the New Life Program, he is seeing a future full of possibilities.

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John’s Story

With newfound faith, direction, and rehabilitation instilled by both the New Life Program and the Mission’s chapel services, John was able to put addiction behind him and even has found success with a college education in Religious Studies.

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