Hope for Bellingham: Episode #3

“When a guest enters our Ascent program, the path to recovery is not an easy one. There’s often a lot of trauma that people need to work through.”
Episode #3 is called “The Road to Recovery: Addressing trauma, addiction and/or mental health” and it will be released on July 16.
This week’s episode outlines the ways in which trauma affects people experiencing homelessness and how our staff members work to address these traumas, as it’s a vital part of the recovery process. Trauma can take many forms, such as adverse childhood experiences, abuse, and exploitation.
The trauma that people experience throughout their lives can be deeply impacting and is part of what keeps people stuck in the cycle of homelessness. When guests enter our recovery programs, they often have to work through layers of trauma. Our staff members assist people in their recovery process through therapy, classes, substance use treatment, and other programs.
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The 5 Episodes:
  1. The Reality of Homelessness: Broken relationships
  2. Building Trust: First steps towards healing
  3. The Road to Recovery: Addressing trauma, addiction, and mental health
  4. Restoration: Getting your life back
  5. Community: All in to heal homelessness
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