Hope for Bellingham: Video Series Finale + Zoom Discussion

The fifth and final episode of the Hope for Bellingham series is titled, “Community: All in to heal homelessness,” and this is where you come in. Homelessness isn’t something with a simple solution. It requires our whole community to get involved. We already know you care. Are you ready to take one step closer?

We can’t do this alone and we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community!

In this episode, you’ll see how the Lighthouse Mission’s programs are made possible by the support of our community. There are many ways that you can help with healing homelessness as an individual, including our volunteer opportunities.

🗓️ We’ll culminate the series and watch the final installment together, those of us who can, at a special Zoom event discussion on Friday, July 30th at 12pm.

Register in advance for the event: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkf-ytpzwiE9HUcTRQcVMHF4ehix6oIIwc

The 5 Episodes:
  1. The Reality of Homelessness: Broken relationships
  2. Building Trust: First steps towards healing
  3. The Road to Recovery: Addressing trauma, addiction, and mental health
  4. Restoration: Getting your life back
  5. Community: All in to heal homelessness
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Your support is vital!

As a Christian gospel ministry, LMM is completely supported by our generous local community.
OUR MISSION : Healing homelessness with Christ's power and love