A Reciprocal Blessing

My volunteer journey began when I found myself out of work and feeling sorry for myself. I saw this quote that said, “When you are feeling small, do something for somebody else.” Shortly after I found an article about the Lighthouse Mission and how they were looking for volunteers. I signed up.

That was about 8 years ago and I’ve been here ever since. I started out in the kitchen doing food prep, and this spring I decided to move to street outreach and Shower Connect.

Volunteering for me started with the mindset of helping others, and it became such a reciprocal blessing! I really appreciate working with Shower Connect, recognizing that something as simple as a warm shower can mean a whole lot to someone’s integrity and well-being. Accepting the challenging times along with the most rewarding ones has created the most satisfactory experience. I feel most grateful and blessed by my journey with everyone in and around the Lighthouse Mission ❤️ Lori


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