A Redemptive Story

There was recently a beautiful, tender, and powerfully redemptive experience that I had the honor of witnessing. This momentous occasion was an example of God making a way where there seemed to be no way, a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit moving.

About a month ago, one of our newer program men came to me with great sadness, anxiety, and guilt over being separated from his two young grandchildren due to circumstances both under and outside of his control.

He expressed a deep desire to re-enter into their lives and show them the love and support he wished he had before Catholic Community Services (CCS) became involved. He was fearful that it was too late though, as both children were now under foster care and he wasn’t sure if he’d be allowed to see them.  He grieved the thought of them being abandoned by their family, him included.

After a few phone calls, help with transportation, a visit in person to introduce himself to the CCS caseworker, and a significant number of supportive counseling sessions with Lighthouse Mission staff to help him process the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of this endeavor, the good news finally arrived!  He was told that a meeting with him and the grandchildren was scheduled for the following week.

It was only a few days later that I had the honor of accompanying him to CCS and witness his reunion with his grandchildren. The embrace, tears, laughter and affection for one another was both heartbreaking and healing!

The staff at CCS were incredibly gracious and very accommodating, the foster mother as well.  It was a movie worthy scene, a snapshot of hope and healing, a sweet taste of restoration in the midst of what was otherwise a bitter season of fear and loss.

When we know of suffering, we often cry out “Mercy Lord, Mercy!” especially when the little ones are the victims of others sin.  In that rare moment, mercy abounded, overflowing to everyone present at that sacred meeting.

What’s better yet, mercy is never kept within the boundaries of any one moment or experience. It is released, beyond the limitations of time and space, and becomes a story of grace, passed now onto you, the reader, a donor, a volunteer, a friend of sinners, a prayer warrior, a discipler, a wounded healer, a follower of Christ.

I pray you’re encouraged in your faith through this testimony of God’s redemptive love.

Aaron Speyer, Lighthouse Mission Chaplain


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