Christmas in the Cold

Chris is sitting outside alone on a milk crate. Water droplets from the edge of his tent form a small puddle in frosted moss. There’s a camp stove and an old bike next to him. “It’s Christmas!” he realizes, the thought coming out of nowhere.

His mind reels back to the holidays of his childhood. Aside from that one Christmas where the cops showed up, they were pretty good. Although Chris is usually fine being alone, a yearning forms in the pit of his stomach. “Of all the days to spend alone,” he thinks, “Christmas should not be one of them.”

I think you’ll agree that no one should spend Christmas out in the cold. And you can help make sure that doesn’t happen! Donate to the Lighthouse Mission and you’ll reach Chris in the middle of his sadness. He’ll be invited to spend Christmas at the Mission and enjoy a special dinner among friends.

Don’t let Chris spend Christmas alone – give today and show him that people care! You can bring him and others the good news that Christ has come!


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