You Helped Save Daikson

Daikson gives God the glory and his gratitude to you and the Mission for the changes in his life. You gave him tools to stay sober and the chance to go back to school. Now he has a full-time job and is reconnected with his family. Thank you!

Daikson grew up in a good family and went to church every Sunday. But in his teenage years, he tasted alcohol for the first time: “For some reason I got hooked. I had been really rebellious. My faith was not really there because I wasn’t focusing on it or working on it,” Daikson explained. Unable to find work, he became very depressed and used alcohol to numb the feeling of being alone. Having nowhere else to go, he came to the Mission.

His rebellious ways persisted for a while: “They caught me [drinking] twice but still gave me a chance.”

“There’s a reason I was there.”

At the Mission he was encouraged, helped emotionally and psychologically, and given the tools to live a healthy life in recovery, the main one being a relationship with Jesus. “Nothing else worked. This place really changed the way I see things. Now I can see the truth in Christ’s message,” he shared.

Daikson thanks you for helping him turn his life around! “They are the reason I’ve been sober for 8 years now. Trough Christ everything is possible. I don’t want to boast about it, because it’s a process. One slip and it could all be gone, I could be back on the street.”

Daikson just moved into a Christian community with accountability. He doesn’t want to fall back into his old ways. “The Mission showed me Christ is the only hope. I’m grateful for your generosity towards the Mission to keep this place going… It saves a lot of people including myself.”

Daikson is sure that Christ sees what you do. Now that he is sober, he gets to have a relationship with his family again, and he says that’s one of the best things that’s happened! Your support changed him and now he is influencing the people around him. “I’m really grateful for what I have right now, not only in finances, but in health, in family, in relationships. It’s all changed because of this place, what I’ve learned here.”

Your help is such a blessing! The part you played in Daikson’s story is amazing!


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