Food, Shelter, Salvation!

I’d like to start out by giving my most heartfelt thanks to the Lighthouse Mission, its donors, and its staff for extending help, hope, and shelter at a time of great need. They reflect the light of our Lord Jesus Christ with whom all this is possible.

My story is just one of many.

I was on unemployment and going back to school for the first time in 15 years. It was the longest period of time I had been without work, but I was trying to turn it around.

A girlfriend of mine got me to try meth. I had heard of it being highly addictive but never really believed it. It turned out the rumors were true. The drug along with the grip my so-called girlfriend had on my heart started changing me. All of my money went to drugs, gambling, and other nonsensical earthly delights. Slowly and surely my life started crumbling before my eyes.

Eventually my girlfriend left me. Then I lost my apartment. I still thought I had everything under control. I was still on drugs and going to school maintaining a respectable 3.0 average. I was living out of my car at rest stops, Walmart, or any abandoned parking lots that I could find. Then my car broke down!

So I started to stay at the Drop-In Center. Early on they tried to get me over to the Mission but I was still under the impression that me smoking meth occasionally was okay (in hindsight, this was really sick thinking). I stayed in hotels when I could.

Then one day after getting high, I went downtown and witnessed an acquaintance get chased by a mob and later killed after lunging at the police. This was a very sobering moment for me. His life ended so quickly.

I continued to use but I started to become highly delusional when I was coming off it (later I would learn this is called meth-induced psychosis where you hear and see things that aren’t there). I finally had enough. I checked myself into social detox where I stayed for about a week.  When I got out, I went to the Drop-In Center. When the staff saw the steps I had made towards sobriety, they got me over to the Mission.

Thank God for this place and the people that work here! I don’t know if I could have continued much longer without this place.

Food, shelter, salvation! I continued school and also went to intensive outpatient treatment. I have been clean and sober for almost 1.5 years now.

My relationship with God has strengthened; I usually go to church once a week, sometimes twice! I am still going to school with just one quarter left. But it’s really all due to the love of God shone through this place, people, and their ministries. I am truly grateful!

– A resident of the Mission’s Ascent Program (who wished to remain anonymous)


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