From Rock Bottom to Recovery

Your support helped James recover and return to the Lord


Rock bottom.

As much as James’ family loved him, that’s where they knew he needed to be if he had a prayer at turning his life around. 

James’ 13-year addiction to methamphetamines had taken a toll on every aspect of his life.

He had worn out his welcome on every friend’s couch. His health was deteriorating, and his teeth were falling out. He had recently been attacked by his best friend, who was high on meth. 

A dose of tough love 

“Shortly after that, my mom said, ‘We’re done trying to help you.’ My parents basically stopped talking to me. No more letting me stay on their couch. They wouldn’t answer their phones.”

For the first time in his life, James was completely on his own, with no support. “That set me into such a deep depression.”

A cry for help 

“I was desperate,” said James. “So I turned to God and asked, ‘What do you want from me?’ I heard God’s voice clearly: ‘I’m going to send you a transport to take you to where you need to go.’” 

The next morning, a woman awakened James from a drug induced stupor. “Can I give you a ride to the Lighthouse Mission?” she asked. “I knew it was God,” said James.  

“At first, I wasn’t completely committed to getting clean and sober,” said James. “I was mostly there for the bed, and I didn’t really want to do all the work it required.”

But one night during chapel, while seeking change so badly, God spoke to him again. All the pieces started coming together and they all made sense; this led him into the recovery program at the Mission.

You made life-change possible 

Thanks to the Mission, “I feel like a whole new person,” says James. “People do a double-take on me, thinking, ‘That can’t be you!’ I’ve gained 45 pounds. I have teeth again. And I’ve completed a ten month dental assistant program. It’s overwhelming to think how much change is possible, even for a sinner like me.” 

James is full of gratitude for you. Thank you for helping make him the person he is today!



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